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Children grow up so fast – now is the time to capture how fantastic they are in photographs that will last for years to come.


If you have just a little space in your living room for me to set up a portable backdrop, then we are ready to shoot your child's photography session in the comfort of your own home! (in the Nottinghamshire area). You can choose outdoor photo shoot as well in your favourite park or your garden! From my experience I can say that outdoor sessions are best for children, because they treat it as their play time out in the park and often do not even realise they have their pictures taken and behave as natural as usual.

Photo session can often last up to two hours however, There are no time constraints which allows plenty of time to get an array of lovely portraits.


Popular smash cake photo shoots are now available! Celebrate your child's first Birthday in style :).

Would you like to gift a new mum or dad with baby photography session? I offer photography vouchers for any amount you wish or for a whole sesssion's package.

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